Soil and Water Testing Laboratory

The soil and water testing lab support farmers to analyze the nutrient availability of their farm soil and make recommendation for application of fertilizers to the crops based on soil analysis result. KVK has made it mandatory that the entire crop based OFTs and FLDs are conducted in farmer's field only after soil analysis. Besides, this KVK takes effort to make a data base of crop based soil analysis especially for paddy fields and coconut gardens for which KVK run number of projects supported by Govt. of Kerala where in project assistants are available within the project itself to carry out soil analysis. The research students from various colleges also make use of lab facilities for plant sample analysis.

Mushroom Spawn Production Laboratory

KVK set up spawn production lab since 2001-2002 making use of its infrastructure facilities. In the year 2008-2009 KVK with support from NHM expanded its facilities for spawn production by establishing a model mushroom spawn production lab. This lab largely caters the spawn demand of farmers and entrepreneurs of the district on oyster and milky mushrooms. The lab produces an average of 1000 packets of spawn per month supporting about 43 people to grow mushroom regularly. On exploring full potential the lab would be able to produce as much as 1500 packets spawn to farmers every month. Besides this lab also extend its facility for the under graduate and post graduate students in carrying out their project work of 2-3 months duration. So far 8 batches for a total number of 12 students benefitted with the lab at KVK and 8 number of project report produced. The students from various school and collages also visit the lab to understand the techniques on spawn production. Besides this KVK also maintains a mushroom production unit to give hands on training to the farmers and rural youth and self help groups. Training on mushroom is the most demanded training programme which evidently expresses its potential to the growers as most remunerative enterprise. Training on value addition of mushroom for the farmers and women beneficiaries are also organized by KVK.

Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory

KVK established its tissue culture lab in the year 2002 with financial support from its host organization CARD. The lab was producing ornamental tissue cultural plants at lower quantities. However the lab facilities were primarily extended to the MSC biotechnology students from various colleges within and outside state, the student were guided by KVK experts. So far 76 numbers of such students had undergone research work at KVK lab and produced same number of thesis. The lab runs on its own from the income generated. This lab has been revived with financial support from NHM in the year 2008-2009 with a capacity to produce over 50000 tissue culture plants /year. Lab would primarily focus on the production of banana TC plants which is in high demand among the farmers especially with KVK popularized high density planting technology. The lab also provided tailor made training programme to rural youth. The lab is fully equipped to produce over 50,000 plantlets / year. The lab has also developed protocol of various banana (Nendran, Poojakadali, etc.) and orchid varieties. The lab has already produced and distributed about 15000 banana seedlings to farmers of the district and is a major source of tissue culture banana for various government programmes especially for NHM. The Plant tissue culture lab is managed by SMS (Horticulture) and is assisted by project staff and skilled workers.

Agro - Processing Hub

CARD-KVK has a value addition and quality control Lab for preservation of fruits and vegetables. The technologies that are assessed and refined are disseminated through the trainees and they are linked with development departments and banks for financial support to set up small enterprises. The lab which is now has the FPO licenses despite training our stake holders also started acting as Fruit and vegetable preservation facilitation centre where in the trainees are supported to produce products of their choice using KVK technology with the quality control support from KVK. KVK also moved to develop KVK trained personnel to entrepreneurs where in they produce the products using facilities at KVK and sell their products at their own brand name with relabeled license. The lab focuses mainly on fruits which are abounded but remain underexploited. Jack fruits, carambola, Papaya, Lovi-Lovi, fig, mango, guava, Bilimbi, are the main fruits.

Bio - Control Laboratory

The Bio control lab produces bio- control agents such as Trichoderma and Pseudomonas. The lab also produces Vegetable Fruit Fly Pheramone Trap, Mango Fruit Fly Pheramone Trap.

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