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In order to reach out the need of our partners KVK strive to accomplish such demands through a number of unique programmes within the mandates of the organization.

IGNOU Special Study Centre

KVK act as Special Study Centre (SSC-Code no: 1471D) of IGNOU, New Delhi and is assigned to conduct number of courses in agriculture and allied fields.

Courses are conducting  in 2 sessions

  1. July session
                 Student has to take admission on or before 30th May.
 2. January session 
                 Student has to took admission on or before 30th November 

For more details visit: http://www.ignou.ac.in/schools/soa  or

IGNOU Special Study Centre, CARD-KVK, Kolabhagom P.O., Thadiyoor, Tiruvalla – 689545
Ph: 0469-2662094 (Extn. 12) E-mail: ignoussc_cardkvk@yahoo.com


Innovation to “Instill Children’s Commitment” towards Nation’s food security and bio-diversity conservation.

Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Pathanamthitta district initiated “Mukulam (means YOUNG BUD)”-A novel programme for promotion of biodiversity conservation and food security concern among school children of Upper Primary and High schools with eco-clubs. The award is instituted by KVK to commemorate 80th birth anniversary of His Grace, Most Rev. Dr Joseph Mar Thoma Metropolitan of Mar Thoma Syrian church of Malabar, who is an inspiration to institution in the biodiversity conservation and food security of the nation. The award includes a cash price of Rs. 5000/- , Joseph Marthoma Ever Rolling Green Trophy and citation. The main aim of the programme is to provide a platform for students for showcasing their talents in nurturing the nature and instill them to contribute to nation’s food security. The programme was introduced to school children of Upper Primary and High schools in Pathanamthitta district. The school eco clubs registered with KVK was supported with training and inputs in developing nutrition cum herbal garden in the school premises with a regular monitoring advisory support mechanism.  As part of the programme KVK organised variety of programme under the theme such as seminars, students meet, quiz competition and establishing School vegetable garden and planting varieties of fruit and medicinal plants   by the eco clubs of participating schools. KVK supported the participating schools with technology trainings, planting materials, seeds, inputs and garden tools, where in school club was to put forth their effort in developing garden in 5 cents of land.

The official launching-ceremony of Mukulam was conducted on 8th September 2010 in Catholicate Higher Secondary School, Pathanamthitta. The programme was inaugurated by Smt. S. Lalithambika, IAS, Dist. Collector, Pathanamthitta and was presided over by Smt. S. Appinazhakath Santhakumari, Dist. Panchayat President, Pathanamthitta. Catholicate Higher Secondary School, Pathanamthitta, Mar Thoma Higher Secondary School, Ayroor, Carmel Convent English Medium School, Thadiyoor, Govt. U.P. School, Manthuka, GISUP School, Mezhuveli, S.N.D.P High School Edappariyaram participated in  Mukulam-2010.

During 2010-11, among the schools participated, SNDP High School of Edapariyaram, Elanthoor   with its eco –club lead by Sri. K.G. Reji, teacher of the school with his committed eco-club team won the 1st Joseph Mar Thoma ever rolling green trophy for bio-diversity and food security .The school eco club student members demonstrated its commitment towards the cause by working in the school garden even on holidays.  Besides participating in every activity of the programmes of MUKULAM-2010, the school garden which won them award had variety of vegetables such as bitter goured, snake gourd, chilli, brinjal, and bhindi grown organically. Club members in relay maintained the garden and attended watering and garden operations on a scheduled manner before and after school hours. The school harvested over 65 kg of vegetables, part of which was shared with student community during Sub district and district youth festival. Besides this the club also earned Rs 1500/ from the sales of vegetables which added colour to the programme through “earn while learning”. The support of the PTA is worth mentioning. The students demonstrated their acquired skill in scientific cultivation practise including the preparation of bio-pesticides for home use. As a part of the Mukulam programme the club gave best student farmer to   Kumari Pooja Pushpan of the Eco-club. Catholicate Higher Secondary School, Pathanamthitta  bagged the  first runner up trophy.

Subsequently MUKULAM 2011 commenced on June 5th 2011 during World Environment Day celebration at CARD-KVK campus. During 2011 also SNDP High School of Edapariyaram, Elanthoor  retained the award with  excellent  performance and has outshined other participating schools in almost all the aspects of the programme  and thereby has bagged the  Joseph Mar Thoma ever rolling green trophy for bio-diversity and food security . They have set an example to other schools by utilising the cash award of Mukulam 2010 for strengthening their eco club by procurement of all the basic agricultural implements and other equipments. Their initiative in maintaining a pollution free campus is worth mentioning .Certain innovative and ‘Zero cost ‘ideas for seed germination and waste disposal is also being developed by the students . Besides participating in every activity of the programmes of MUKULAM-2011, the school garden which won them the award had a variety of vegetables such as cowpea,brinjal,bhindi,amaranthus and  other crops like tapioca, papaya and banana cultivated  organically and maintained by the eco club members . According to Sri Reji, Teacher In charge of the Eco-Club. “The programme has   encouraged the children to take an interest in farming and has helped in the overall development of the children. It has also encouraged the children to take up kitchen gardening in their own homes’. Marthoma Vocational higher secondary School, Kunnam,Vechoochira  has bagged the  first runner up trophy. S.V high School , Pullad bagged the first prize in the quiz competition held as part of the children day celebration.

Seeing the successful completion of Mukalm-2010 and 2011, KVK subsequently started Mukulam-2012.Thirteen schools namely CMS Higher Secondary School, Malappally, Carmel Convent English Medium School, Thadiyoor, M.T.V.H.S.S, Kunnam, Vechoochira, S.V.G.V. H.S.S, Kidangannur, Nalkalickal, P.M.V. H.S., Peringara, Thiruvalla, Govt. U.P School, Vallamkulam, Catholicate H.S.S, Pathanamthitta, N.SS.H.S.S, Thadiyoor, S.V.H.S Pullad, Sankaramangalam Public School, kaviyoor, .N.V .Vocational Higher Secondary School, Angadical South, Kodumon, S.N.V. Higher Secondary School, Angadical South, Kodumon, St. George’s Mount High School, Kaipattoor.A one day cum orientation programme was conducted on 2nd August 2012 at KVK campus.KVK supported the eco-clubs in developing nutrition cum herbal garden in the school premises and alos provided critical inputs like vegetable seeds, seedlings, fruit saplings, compost and biocontrol agents. Apart from this KVK also gave trainings on topics like scientific vegetable cultivation, organic farming, compost making in selected schools.As part of Mukulam programme to test the knowledge level of students in biodiversity conservation, foopd security and climate change aspects a quiz competition was organised at Govt. U.P School, Vallamkulam on 14th November 2012 to mark childrens; day celebration.Five schools participated in the quiz programme. Sankaramangalam Public School, kaviyoor received the first prize followed by S.V.G.V. H.S.S, Kidangannur, Nalkalickal. Field level performance of schools was assessed based on criteria’s like layout of the plot, sign board, students involvement, PTA involvement, contribution towards waste disposal, contribution towards water conservation, important day’s celebration by the evaluation committee of the programme. 

Govt. U.P School, Vallamkulam outperforms other schools and bagged the Joseph Mar Thoma Ever Rolling Green Trophy , Rs. 5000/- cash prize and citation by scoring 119 marks out of 140. CMS Higher Secondary School, Malappally receives the second prize with 113 marks based on their field performance and report.

Mukulam-The unique initiative of CARD-KVK has successfully entered its fourth year  of programmes dedicated for school children in Pathanamthitta district. During 2013-14, seventeen schools have been selected to participate in the programme.KVK inaugurated Mukulam-2013 on 21stAugust 2013 to welcome the Chingam, the new year of Kerala. 


Externally Aided Projects

KVK  has number of projects that source funds from various funding agencies there by  enabling larger and  effective spread of technology that’s are identified by KVK for the district. 

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